Hypnosis for a Better Life!

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Enjoy life more with easy hypnosis: become deeply relaxed and mentally float your way to weight loss, easing stress, non-smoking, better study habits, power focus or becoming “super-confident”!

ALL individual MP3s are delivered by e-mail within your Hypnobabies Order Confirmation information. Please make sure that you check all e-mail files/folders in your e-mail program for your Hypnobabies Order Confirmation e-mail, including your Spam, Junk Mail and any other files/folders where you receive e-mails.

Important – READ BEFORE ORDERING:  Our Hypnobabies MP3 track files are much larger than a 4- minute song download, and are too large to download directly into a small device, especially Apple/iOS products, which may need a third-party app to complete the process. Occasionally, when our Hypnobabies audio tracks are downloaded directly into an Apple device, they will only *play* and not actually download and save. This is due to Apple’s proprietary rules and partnerships with third-party software, so downloading into a computer or cloud-based service such as DropBox or iCloud *first* is necessary, and then you can transfer them to a smaller device such as an iPad, smart phone or MP3 player.

If there is a PDF download included with your MP3 Set order, please save it and print it out when you open it, for reference.

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