01-Positive Parenting Affirmations


This is an amazingly powerful daily affirmations track for new and experienced moms/parents! (we use the words mom and parent throughout the track) It starts out with one-line affirmations for those who have a baby in the house and continues on with affirmations for those with toddlers and of course, older children. Listening to these daily affirmations can enhance your life greatly by making your inner “self-talk” extremely positive, and helps create confidence about your parenting style, your ability to handle challenging parenting issues, and gives you reminders about taking a breath and becoming calm when you need it most! The positive mindset you’ll be creating can allow you to change your reactions and even your feelings as you learn and remember that your children “are not giving me a hard time, they are having a hard time”. You can enjoy your Positive Parenting Affirmations any time, even while driving in the car (since this track is not a hypnosis session). It’s also perfect for listening to while going to sleep, since you’ll wake up with wonderful feelings of calmness and confidence about your own intuition and skills as a parent.

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Disclaimer: Hypnobabies Inc. and its representatives assume no responsibility or liability for the outcome of any physical health, mental health, or emotional issues. The content of this audio track is in no way to be represented as medical advice, nor as a prescription for medical procedure. As always, you should seek the advice of a medical doctor to answer any health-related issues or before starting any new health-related program or plan. By ordering, paying for, downloading and using/listening to this track, you agree that you fully understand this disclaimer, and that you take full responsibility for your use of this track and any emotional and/or physical effects or outcome you experience by using it or listening to it.

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