Toddler Sleepy-Time (Best Seller!)


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Our Toddler Sleepy-Time track is a gentle, hypnotic bedtime story that invites your child to unwind at his/her own pace with a favorite toy or stuffed animal. Your child’s favorite item is part of the “getting sleepy” process, and becomes a comfort object as the Sleepy-Time story unfolds. Repetitive suggestions for getting sleepier and having nice dreams, as well as awakening in a good mood guide your toddler into a comfortable and secure night’s sleep. Listening every night and at naptime helps the subconscious “entrainment” process.

Note to our Hypnobabies students: This track is invaluable to Hypno-students who find it challenging to practice their Hypnobabies techniques, cues and scripts in the evening when their toddler “just won’t go to sleep so I can practice”.

Testimonials from grateful moms:

Jessica D. ~ I know this has been said before…but my three year old NEVER takes naps in his bed. EVER. If we’re out and about he’ll fall asleep in the car, but he absolutely refuses to nap in bed. I (duh!) finally put on the toddler sleepy time today and…SUCCESS! Thank you, Hypnobabies!!!

Rachel V. ~ “I have 3 little ones under the age of 6 and as you can imagine, sometime our night-night routine doesn’t go as smoothly as I’d like. I began using the Toddler Sleepy-Time track on Saturday night. I snuggled all 3 of them with me as we listened to it for the first time together. They were all interested in it, telling me about the color of their clouds and what they wanted the fairy to bring them. The 3 year old was the first to go out, followed quickly by the 5 year old and not long after the usual hold out, the 1 year old. The next night, we all gathered together in the big comfy chair for our night-night snuggle, all 3 in my lap with one big blanket for all of us. My husband gave us all hugs and kisses, then turned out the light as we settled in to listen to Kerry. My 5 year old commented that the story was boring and wouldn’t put him to sleep; this time he didn’t make it past the clouds before he was snoring. The 3 year old followed shortly behind as she quickly drifted off to sleepy land. What surprised me most was the snoring that came next, not from the 1 year old, but from my husband in the other chair! Thanks for another amazing tool for improving our lives!”

Karen C. ~ “My almost 3 year old has been driving us crazy with nap/bed time. I’ve been turning into “scary mommy” lately because she will find every reason in the world to come out of her room and get into trouble. (And for the record, no she’s not ready to drop that afternoon nap yet.) I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the Hypnobabies CD “Toddler Sleepy Time” so I ordered it this past weekend. It came in the mail today and we put it on for nap time. I admit, I was a little skeptical as to whether it would work for her and in the beginning it did take her a good 10 minutes to settle down and stop offering her commentary on every little thing that was said on the CD (I was cracking up at her commentary, though – she just couldn’t believe the lady on the CD knew all about her “special blanket!”), BUT she stayed in her room and 20 minutes later when I checked on her she was fast asleep! I am amazed and SO thankful!! You might think it could be a fluke, but trust me – you don’t know how stubborn this child can be. She hasn’t voluntarily gone to sleep in MONTHS. This is a total game-changer, people!! 

Megan M. ~ “Why, oh why didn’t I try Toddler Sleepy Time before now?!? Bedtime with my 2 1/2 yr old has been torture for months (for all of us). He listened to “his story” for the second time tonight and he hasn’t made a peep since I shut his door.”

Caroline M. ~ “Just want to encourage you mommas if you have toddlers struggling to go to sleep at nap time or bed time, the Hypnobabies track for toddler sleep is amazing! This track has produced amazing results for my daughter and very deep sleep for myself as well! I will say if you listen to this track after having a Hypnobabies birth you might fall asleep before your toddler ? ( at least that happened to me)Thank you Hypnobabies for this great track! It’s truly been a blessing to my family!”

Merishna T. ~ “We’ve been using Toddler Sleepy Time for 5-6 months now at night and nap time. It works like a charm for my 2 year old.”

Serena S. ~ “It has saved my life! My toddler is older though… he is 2.5 and when my hypnobaby was 3 weeks old I didnt have the energy to tell him stories etc as he drifted off so I told him be has his own special story and its brilliant… we read books, turn off the light, the “special story” goes on and he often asks for 1 of my made up stories but only ever 1 then he snuggles in and is asleep either by the end of the track or within the first few minutes of the second time (I have it on repeat). I have also found that if I have it playing he wakes less.”

Brandi H. ~ “We use Toddler Sleepy Time and it has made a night and day difference! I have a 3 and 6 year old. They are OUT within 15 minutes and go back to sleep if they wake up! It’s a miracle worker! Works on me too! ??? if I lay and listen I go out like a light with them.”

Dani F. ~ “Wanted to share that after two weeks of trying to transition my 2 year old into his own bed and struggling, I caved and bought the Toddler Sleepytime track. For the first time in two weeks, he slept in his bed ALL NIGHT and did not wake up ONCE. I actually bought the track in the middle of him having a tantrum and when I turned it on, he instantly calmed down and layed in his bed. Not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but we will now be using this every night!!”

IMPORTANT: Hypnobabies *hypnosis* tracks cannot be listened to while holding a baby or child, driving, walking, running, operating machinery, cooking dinner, showering, doing yoga or doing anything else that requires your full concentration since it is NOT safe. These tracks have hypnotic inductions and deepening suggestions on them and on each one you are reminded in the introduction that is on every hypnosis track that you must listen to them ONLY when  you are sitting down in a *fully supported position* where you can relax all muscles of your body – in a cushy chair or lying down. YOU MUST listen to your Hypnobabies hypnosis tracks *safely*, as directed!

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