03-My Easy Pregnancy 6-Track MP3 SET


Excellent gift for all those who are expecting a baby!
* 6 MP3s in a discounted set for a much easier, more enjoyable pregnancy! (List of tracks is in the Product Description below.)
* Our My Easy Pregnancy (6-track MP3 Discount Bundle) was designed to give all those who are pregnant (not just Hypnobabies students) an easy way to relax and enjoy their pregnancy, help eliminate discomforts, end insomnia and create confidence as they prepare for childbirth.

Please read the FULL product Description below *before ordering*, for more product details and safety information!

I understand that if I am purchasing an individual audio track or set of tracks, that Hypnobabies MP3 track files are too large to download directly into my phone or iPad, and I will need to download my MP3 files into my computer or a cloud-based service such as DropBox or iCloud first and then transfer them to a smaller device such as an iPad, smart phone or MP3 player.


Please READ before ordering: Hypnosis is generally not recommended for those with certain mental disorders and/or some kinds of seizures. If you have any of these, please consult with a mental health professional and/or a medical professional to see if hypnosis would be a good and safe option for *you* before ordering this hypnosis product or using any kind of hypnosis.

IMPORTANT – READ BEFORE ORDERING:  Our Hypnobabies MP3 track files are much larger than a 4- minute song download, and we recommend to download them into a computer or cloud-based service such as DropBox or iCloud *first*, and then you can transfer them to a smaller device such as a tablet or smart phone. This is especially true for Apple/iOS products, which may simply *play* the tracks instead of actually saving them.

Bundle information: This My Easy Pregnancy Hypnosis Track Set comes with one informational PDF of Directions and 6 Hypnobabies MP3 Tracks:

Track 1 – Eliminate Nausea NOW! begins with entering a deep state of hypnosis and then guides you to create a mental/physical anchor, (a cue word) that instantly eliminates nausea whenever you need to use it! Our Eliminate Nausea NOW! hypnosis session provides you with an easy way to feel better very quickly. Simply by listening to it every day and practicing using your hypnotic cue word several times a day on your own, this hypnosis track will allow you to use your special cue word to eliminate nausea anytime during pregnancy and even during childbirth, which is such a relief!

Track 2 – Peaceful Sleep Now for Pregnancy is very popular with all those who are pregnant (not just our Hypnobabies students) since it is a safe and pleasant solution to insomnia. It was purposefully created for pregnant people who want to get a full night’s sleep and awake fully refreshed. This track has wonderful suggestions for going to sleep quickly and easily, and it even has suggestions for getting back to sleep after waking for whatever reason during the night (even baby’s movements!). Listening to this pleasant hypnosis track every night at bedtime guides you into a deep, restful sleep, and trains your inner mind to create and respond immediately to a specific cue to easily fall asleep, get back to sleep if awakened, to sleep deeply and well, and to wake up refreshed.

Track 3 – Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations: There are 125 pregnancy and preparation for childbirth affirmations on this wonderfully encouraging track, and it begins with affirmations for a healthy, safe and comfortable pregnancy. Then it moves on to reinforce your childbirth preparation, techniques and practice with affirmations that encourage you to await your baby’s birth with happy anticipation and calm confidence. Listening to daily affirmations can enhance your life greatly by making your inner “self-talk” extremely positive! The positive mindset you’ll be creating will allow you to enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest and prepare for your baby’s birth with confidence. You can enjoy your Pregnancy Affirmations any time, even while driving in the car (since this track is not a hypnosis session). It’s also perfect for listening to while going to sleep, since you’ll wake up with wonderful feelings of calmness and joy about your pregnancy and upcoming birth.

Track 4 – Instantly Calm hypnosis session is perfect for anyone who needs a little more peace and calm in their daily life! This self-hypnosis session allows you to experience profound relaxation throughout your entire body, and to enjoy an extremely helpful hypnosis session. While in a very pleasant state of relaxation and hypnosis, you’ll be guided to choose a special word cue that you will use to become instantly relaxed and completely calm in any situation, from now on. How wonderful to be calm and in control at all times; at work, at family gatherings or while driving in traffic, with instant stress-relief as the result of using your word cue. Listening to “Instantly Calm” every day and practicing with your hypnotic cue word several times a day, will allow you to use your special cue word to become calm and relaxed whenever you want to…instantly!

Track 5 – Come OUT, Baby! is a powerful hypnotic audio track guides that you deeply into hypnosis and directs you to relax the muscles all around your baby, to release fears and concerns that may be holding you back from entering birthing/labor, and to let go of any control issues as well. This track invites you to mentally communicate with your precious baby about how much you want to see him/her. It also gives you powerful suggestions that your birthing/labor will start soon and be strong, effective and more comfortable. Come OUT, Baby! has helped many of our pregnant friends to begin birthing/labor quickly and confidently. Natural induction…at its best!

Track 6 – Hypnobabies Introduction – What is Hypnosis for Childbirth? introduces you to the benefits of using childbirth hypnosis, as well as the specific advantages of our Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis program. You’ll learn about Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis, and the importance of getting a complete preparation for childbirth education. You’ll also learn how you can easily become your mental computer’s re-programmer, to create a much easier and more comfortable birthing experience by simply listening to your Hypnobabies hypnosis sessions every day.

**ALL MP3s are delivered by e-mail with your Hypnobabies Order Confirmation information**. Please make sure that you check all e-mail files/folders in your e-mail program for your Hypnobabies Order Confirmation e-mail, including your Spam, Junk Mail and any other files/folders where you receive e-mails.

IMPORTANT: Hypnobabies *hypnosis* tracks cannot be listened to while driving, walking, running, holding a baby or child, operating machinery, cooking dinner, showering, doing yoga or doing anything else that requires your full concentration since it is NOT safe. These tracks have hypnotic inductions and deepening suggestions on them and on each one you are reminded in the introduction that is on every hypnosis track that you must listen to them ONLY when  you are sitting down in a *fully supported position* where you can relax all muscles of your body – in a cushy chair, or lying down, or on a birth ball/leaning over a supporting bed or sofa, etc. and with your eyes CLOSED. YOU MUST listen to your Hypnobabies hypnosis tracks *safely*, as directed!

Please Note: When you order a Hypnobabies MP3 *SET*, your downloads will be delivered by “Zip File”, since they are so large. To download an MP3 Set, please click on the link in your order confirmation e-mail that says: “Click here to download the file”. Choose “open”. Let the files/tracks download for a few minutes and then a “zip box” will open. When you can see each file’s name in the list, right-click on each track separately, choose “extract” and a box will open up showing you folders in your computer. Choose a music (or other) folder in your computer that you access regularly and save each of your MP3 files there by clicking on the “unzip” button at the bottom right.

You’ll also need to save the PDF download included with your MP3 Set in your computer and you can print it out when you open it, for reference.

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