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* We recommend starting this course at 28- 30 weeks in your pregnancy.
* This is a 6 week course  plus “Maintenance Phase” which consists of you continuing to listen to your hypnosis tracks every day until your baby is born
*Please read the FULL product Description below *before* purchasing.


Please read ALL product details below *before* purchasing.

SAFETY INFORMATION: 1) Hypnobabies *hypnosis* tracks cannot be listened to while driving, walking, running, operating machinery, holding a baby or a child, cooking dinner, showering, doing yoga or doing anything else that requires your full concentration, since it is NOT safe. These tracks have hypnotic inductions and deepening suggestions on them, and on each one you are reminded in the introduction that is on every hypnosis track that you must listen to them ONLY when your eyes are CLOSED and you are sitting down in a *fully supported position* where you can relax all muscles of your body – in a cushy chair, or lying down, or on a birth ball/leaning over a supporting bed or sofa, etc. YOU MUST listen to your Hypnobabies hypnosis tracks *safely*, as directed, when you are practicing; we care about you!

2) Hypnosis is generally not recommended for those with certain mental disorders and/or some kinds of seizures. If you have any of these, please consult with a mental health professional and/or a medical professional to see if hypnosis would be a good and safe option for *you* before ordering the Hypnobabies Home Study Course or using any kind of hypnosis.

California Sales Tax: California residents will be charged CA sales tax.

This course contains downloadable, digital products as well as non-resalable paper products and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

MP3 Information: since our audio tracks are *very* large files, we recommend downloading Hypnobabies audio tracks into a computer first, or an online/cloud service such as DropBox or iCloud, etc. before uploading into a smaller device. They should not be downloaded directly into a phone or other small device, especially an Apple device. Apple has proprietary issues and often simply *plays* the tracks but doesn’t *save* them into a phone or tablet.

Our Classic Hypnobabies Hypnobirthing Home Study Course is a 6-week childbirth hypnosis course. This means that it takes 6 full weeks to learn and practice the medical-grade hypnobirthing techniques that will enable you to have an easier pregnancy and more comfortable childbirth experience. There is also a “Maintenance Phase” which consists of continuing to listen to your hypnosis tracks every day until your baby is born.
* EXTRA BENEFIT: Pregnancy becomes much easier with your first relaxing, somnambulistic hypnosis track! 

Have less than 6 weeks? Email us for the Limited Time Schedule! info@hypnobabies.com

Along with learning medical-grade, somnambulistic hypnobirthing techniques for an easier pregnancy and more comfortable birth, the materials include:

1) Specific instructions on how to practice each step of the way to create hypnotic anchors and cues which will become activated instantaneously during labor through repetition and compounding.

2) Information on nutrition, exercise, and staying healthy & low risk during pregnancy.

3) The risks, benefits and alternatives to common obstetrical procedures.

4) Optimum Fetal Positioning techniques which often make all the difference in the world for an easier childbirth.

5) Other subjects covered in your hypnobirthing course which are all crucial to your positive birth preparation process:

  • Comfort in Pregnancy • Detailed Childbirth Choices • Creating Informed Consent • Avoidance of Toxic Substances • Turning a Posterior Baby • Stages of Labor • Anatomy and Physiology of Birth • Prenatal Parenting • Avoiding Back Labor with the Abdominal Lift and Tuck • Baby Kick Counting • Belly Mapping • Birth Empowerment Skills • Birth Plans & Baby Plans • Touring the Birth Facility • Doula and Midwifery information • Avoiding Induction and Cesarean Section • Delayed Cord Clamping and other Baby Kindness information • Using hypnosis for 3rd stage • Comprehensive and detailed birth preparation and labor support training for Birth Partners

New to hypnosis? Sample hypnosis track (not included in Hypnobabies) called “Instantly Calm”- https://www.hypnobabies.com/free-mp3/

Course outline- https://www.hypnobabies.com/class-outline/

No parts of this hard-copy course can be file-shared, copied or duplicated in any way however, since all hard-copy workbooks, PDFs, audio files and other materials in this Hypnobabies course are copyrighted by Hypnobabies Inc.

You may be able to receive reimbursement for purchasing your Hypnobabies Home Study Course! Remember to check with your Insurance Carrier BEFORE purchasing. We cannot file the claim for you. Insurance codes: CPT codes are S9436 and S9442 Diagnosis Code Z32.2 As Hypnobabies is not a medical care provider or facility, we cannot and do not provide our tax ID # for claims as it is not applicable.

LEGAL NOTE: Our Hypnobabies Home Study Course is for pregnant people only, to prepare for their baby’s birth using complete childbirth education and medical-grade hypnosis skills. It is not intended for, nor sold to professionals of any kind, in any field.

If you are a hypnosis, childbirth, health or wellness professional,  we would love to help you learn about our wonderful Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis program. Please visit our Instructor Training Page or our Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula Specialty Training Course (for doulas, midwives, L&D Nurses, or MDs). You can also learn more about Hypnobabies as a course by joining our Hypnobabies Information for Birth Professionals Facebook group.

Questions? Email us at Info@Hypnobabies.com.

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