Hypnobabies Store Ordering Information Page – Read Before Ordering Products

It is very important that our Online Store shoppers become well-informed so that they can make excellent decisions about buying Hypnobabies products.  Below is helpful information about our products and our ordering system. Please read all of it before ordering, and feel free to call our Orders department if you need more information before, during or after the ordering process. (714) 894-2229, Monday thru Friday, 9 to 4 Pacific Time. You may also e-mail us at Orders@Hypnobabies.com

Before ordering, please read the ordering information below regarding shipping, Home Study Course orders, online course orders, international orders, military orders and getting your order filled quickly and easily. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SHIP ON WEDNESDAYS OR FRIDAYS.

DISCLAIMER: Important information: Hypnosis is generally not recommended for those with certain mental disorders and/or some kinds of seizures. If you have any of these, please consult with a mental health professional and/or a medical professional to see if hypnosis would be a good and safe option for *you* before ordering the online Hypnobabies Home Study Course.

HYPNOBABIES RETURN/REFUND POLICY: We do not accept returns or refunds on any products since digital products cannot be returned or re-stocked.

MP3 ORDERS: All Individual MP3 tracks will be delivered in a link, with your Hypnobabies Order Confirmation e-mail. Please make sure that you check all e-mail files/folders in your e-mail program for your Hypnobabies Order Confirmation e-mail, including your Spam, Junk Mail and any other files/folders where you receive e-mails.

VERY Important: You must download your MP3 files directly into your computer or a cloud-based service such as DropBox or iCloud *first* and not directly into a device such as an iPad, smart phone or MP3 player. Our Hypnobabies MP3 track files are too large to download into a small device; much larger than a 4-minute song download. Please see individual product descriptions for Apple/iOS proprietary information.


MP3 WARRANTY: We warranty that our Hypnobabies MP3s will download once, as directed, into a computer or cloud-based program (then they can be uploaded into a smaller device). 

ONLINE HYPNOBABIES HOME STUDY COURSE INFORMATION: When you purchase our Online Hypnobabies Home Study Course, you will be able to access your course as soon as your payment clears (usually within 48 hours), and you will have access to your Online Hypnobabies Home Study course for 6 months. As you progress through the course, you will be able to download all PDFs and MP3 tracks so that you can keep them for this pregnancy as well as future use. PLEASE NOTE: NO parts of this online course can be file-shared, copied or duplicated in any way however, since all PDFs, audio files and online portions of this Hypnobabies course are copyrighted by Hypnobabies Inc.

VERY IMPORTANT – Your online Hypnobabies Home Study Course can only be accessed with two (2) IP addresses (2 of your own devices only – no sharing with anyone else). Make sure BEFORE purchasing this course that one of the devices that you will be using to access your online Hypnobabies Home Study Course is a computer, since all of our Hypnobabies program audio track files are very large (much larger than 4-minute music tracks) and must be downloaded into a computer first before uploading into a smaller device. There are no refunds for this course.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: We offer 2 shipping methods: UPS and USPS. Please be aware that UPS does not ship to PO Boxes, so please use USPS when shipping to a PO BOX. Orders are shipped within 1-3 business days from the date of your order.

UPS ground shipping takes 2-7 business days for United States orders, and since UPS is a private company, they can and do charge more than USPS, and please be aware that UPS determines the shipping rates, not Hypnobabies.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: The least expensive method of shipping for International (outside of the contiguous United States), Alaska and Hawaii orders is usually UPS, however shippers alter their shipping prices daily due to fuel prices and other factors. International orders are shipped within 1-3 business days from the date of your order, however delivery may take up to several weeks due to your country’s customs procedures

**Please be aware that international shipments are subject to additional customs fees and in some cases, “brokerage fees” (sometimes called “import fees”), depending on each country’s customs procedures. Brokerage fees vary in cost depending on where the destination address is located. Customers are responsible for paying these fees.**

Military APO orders: UPS Does not ship to APO addresses so please choose USPS.

Hypnobabies is a 6-week course: PLEASE NOTE: Our Hypnobabies Home Study Course for expectant Mothers is a 6-week childbirth hypnosis course. This means that it takes 6 weeks to *learn* the deep hypnosis techniques that will enable you to have a much easier and more comfortable birthing, and then you will need time to *practice them* as well for several weeks. For the best benefit, it is optimum for you to have at least 2 months or more time to complete your Hypnobabies course and practice our hypnosis cues and techniques. Please order by (at least) 7 months of pregnancy to allow for enough time to complete and practice our childbirth hypnosis course materials and techniques. We want all of our Hypnobabies students to enjoy their baby’s birth to the fullest! Thank you.

Our Hypnobabies Home Study Course is ONLY for Expectant Mothers: Important: Our Hypnobabies Home Study Course for Expectant Mothers is only for expectant mothers to learn and study Hypnobabies on their own; not for hypnosis or birth professionals to learn how to teach Hypnobabies. It will not be sold to hypnosis or birth professionals of any kind. Please see our website’s Instructor Training page for information on how to become a Certified Hypnobabies Childbirth Instructor. https://www.hypnobabies.com/instructor-training-info/

Getting your Hypnobabies order filled easily and quickly:

* Please Capitalize all Names, Cities and Street Addresses appropriately, and do not write in ALL CAPS.

* Please make sure all order fields are filled out.

* Please include your real phone number and e-mail address so that if we need to contact you about your order, we can do so. In addition, you will be able to receive our order update e-mails and order tracking number e-mails if you use your correct e-mail address; one that you check often.

* Please do not use a PO Box in your shipping address if you choose UPS. We need a physical address.

Although we endeavor to ship out our products as quickly as we can, occasionally there are inventory delays, and we will ship as soon as is possible. Please call us if you have special shipping needs.


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