Hypnobabies Birth Affirmations Coloring Book


Our new Hypnobabies Affirmations Cards Coloring Book PDFs are here! Now you will have wonderful Hypnobabies reminders right in front of you during your baby’s birthing, so please download your PDFs and print out the coloring book pages, and then you (and your children if you have them!) can color them in as you wish with colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, markers, etc. While you are coloring them in you can focus on each affirmation and what it will mean to you during your Birthing Time, the you can place them around your birthing room for inspiration and hypno-reminders! (Full product details in the product description below. California orders subject to state tax.)


Hypnobabies Birth Affirmations Cards

You will find the following in your Affirmations Cards order:

11 Affirmations Cards that already have our Hypnobabies cues and techniques on them

10 blank Affirmations Cards that you can write in your favorite Hypnobabies birth affirmations. You will also be provided with 18 birthing affirmations as ideas, and you can find more in your Hypnobabies Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations and Birthing Day Affirmations audio tracks!

* A PDF with directions and suggestions for use

Your order includes a zip folder with your Birth Affirmations Cards PDFs in it, and is copyrighted by Hypnobabies Inc.; no file-sharing allowed.

Here’s what a  few of them look like, colored in, and you (and your children) can color them with watercolors, crayons, markers, anything and any colors you love:


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