05-Hypnobabies Online Lactation/Natural Breastfeeding Course


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Hypnobabies has partnered with well-respected breastfeeding expert, Nancy Mohrbacher to bring you the most comprehensive breastfeeding (or chestfeeding) course available.

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“Natural Breastfeeding is as easy as 1, 2, 3: adjust your body, adjust your baby, and then adjust your breast. Although some people enjoy leaping into things, most people find unfamiliar things a little challenging. That’s the reason we designed the program the way we did. Even adults have a limited capacity to process new information—and when we are bombarded with too much input, we tend to shut down. We wanted the program to offer guidance in a way that allows you to access the information and lets you apply it so it suits your own schedule and style of learning.

  • The first part of the program is called thinking. It helps you get your mind prepared for successful breastfeeding by dispelling myths, visualizing the future, and giving you the newest information about why the action of breastfeeding is a critical part of normal human growth and development.
  • The second part of the program is called doing. This module helps you set up your home environment so that you are ready to relax and be comfortable with your new baby. We have included 12 practice ideas, some downloadable files, and some suggestions for setting up a support network.
  • The final part of the program is called watching. We have included more than 60 videos featuring internationally renowned author and lactation expert, Nancy Mohrbacher, Dr. Theresa, MD, editor of Babies & Breastfeeding magazine and five mothers and four of their newborn infants. Watching mothers feed their babies in a variety of places and positions has a profound impact on our brains. What we see becomes normal and possible. What looks easy will become easy. Observing is the fundamental basis of how we learn.”
  • Course includes *67* short videos with demonstrations and answers to dozens of breastfeeding/chestfeeding questions!
  • Bonuses include *9* PDF informational handouts, and our Hypnobabies Breastfeeding Success hypnosis track!

You will also learn:

  • How to prepare for breastfeeding by physical practice and using visualization, just like in Hypnobabies, and…
  • The Reverse Pressure Softening Technique, as well as …
  • How to ask for and accept help, and…
  • Preparing your partner to assist you in your success…
  • And so much more!



Natural Breastfeeding Course TABLE OF CONTENTS:


Module 1 – QUESTION

Module 2 – THINK

  • Myth Busting
  • Imagine the Future
  • Trust in Nature
  • Mother is More Than Milk

Module 3 – DO

  • Preparation
  • Practice (Exercises)
  • Support

Module 4 – WATCH

  • Introduction
  • Natural Breastfeeding How-tos
  • What Baby Brings to the Table
  • Common Questions & Concerns about Natural Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Baby Sleep
  • Nursing Bras & Clothes
  • Nipple Care, Pain & Biting
  • Finding Support & Dealing with Critics
  • Bonus Topics

Module 5 – ANSWER

Module 6 – WRAP – UP

  • Learning The Difference
  • Form Your Support Network Now
  • Links, Books & Bonus Downloadable Files

Bonus – Hypnobabies Breastfeeding Success hypnosis track – NOT listened to while breastfeeding/chestfeeding; only listen in preparation, NOT while holding a baby or child, driving, walking, showering etc. ONLY listen to this track in a full supported position, alone, quiet, eyes closed, like all hypnosis tracks!

Online Course Access: Please note that your Hypnobabies Online Breastfeeding Course is *NOT* hosted on our website at www.Hypnobabies.com OR our store at www.Hypnobabies-Store.com (where you purchase this course).  Please note: you have the ability to access this course using 2 IP addresses only.

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