New Family Tracks

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Powerful individual family hypnosis tracks and sets for parents and children/toddlers, such as Peaceful Sleep Now and Toddler Sleepy-Time.ALL MP3s are delivered by e-mail with your Hypnobabies Order Confirmation, so check all e-mail files/folders in your e-mail program for your Hypnobabies Order Confirmation e-mail, including your Spam, Junk Mail, etc.

Important – READ BEFORE ORDERING:  Our Hypnobabies MP3 track files are much larger than a 4- minute song download, and we recommend to download them into a computer or cloud-based service such as DropBox or iCloud *first*, and then you can transfer them to a smaller device such as a tablet or smart phone. This is especially true for Apple/iOS products, which may simply *play* the tracks instead of actually saving them.

Click on the Product Photos below for more detailed information about each track. Our Hypnosis tracks cannot be listened to while driving or doing anything that requires your full concentration.

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