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Hypnobabies Affiliate ProgramBecome a Hypnobabies Affiliate and make money by sharing Hypnobabies products with others! It’s as simple as placing your Affiliate Link on your website blog, Facebook Page, Tweets or newsletter. People click your link and are directed to our Hypnobabies store, then you make 15% commission on each completed product sale!

Earn 15% commission on completed sales, starting today

Please read our Affiliate Terms and Conditions page before signing up

Getting approved as a Hypnobabies Affiliate:

* Capitalize appropriately on your Affiliate Application – Names, street addresses, city, state, etc. so that we can read your application easily.
* Complete ALL required information on your Affiliate Application form including the full URL where you will be displaying your Hypnobabies Affiliate Links.
* After registering as an Affiliate, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that your registration form is pending (we will be checking your provided registration information).
* If your registration is approved, you will then receive an e-mail notifying you of your approval, with a link to log into your Hypnobabies Affiliate Account and access your Affiliate Link and commission statistics, etc.

Then, post your Hypnobabies Affiliate Link to your social media, blogs or newsletters and make 15% commission on completed sales resulting from your link!



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