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These tracks are *not* part of our Hypnobabies program (our complete childbirth preparation course using deep, sminambulistic hypnosis); they are individual MP3 tracks which can be purchased for insomnia, easier breastfeeding, eliminating nuasea, enjoying an easier pregnancy, VBAC and Twin births, Cesarean birthing, turning a breech baby, fear of needles, postpartum confidence and comfort, toddler sleep, weight loss, stress and anxiety, focus and concentration, and many more. If you are looking for our Hypnobabies Home Study (self-study) Course, CLICK HERE. 

ALL MP3s are delivered by e-mail with your Hypnobabies Order Confirmation information. Please make sure that you check all e-mail files/folders in your e-mail program for your Hypnobabies Order Confirmation e-mail, including your Spam, Junk Mail and any other files/folders where you receive e-mails.

Important: Although these tracks have been compressed, you may need to download your MP3 files into your computer *first* and not directly into a device such as an iPad, smart phone or MP3 player. Our Hypnobabies MP3 track files are often too large to download directly into a small device, especially Apple/iOS devices, which often require a third-party app.


Please Note: When you order a Hypnobabies MP3 *SET*, your downloads will be delivered by "Zip File", since they are so large. To download an MP3 Set, please click on the link in your order confirmation e-mail that says: "Click here to download the file". Choose "open". Let the files/tracks download for a few minutes and then a "zip box" will open. When you can see each file's name in the list, right-click on each track separately, choose "extract" and a box will open up showing you folders in your computer. Choose a music (or other) folder in your computer that you access regularly and save each of your MP3 files there by clicking on the "unzip" button at the bottom right.

If there is a PDF download included with your MP3 Set order, you may save it in your computer and print it out when you open it, for reference. 

If you have any issues with your download set, please let us know by e-mailing us at Orders@Hypnobabies.com.

All MP3s

After Your Baby Comes
SA105 - After Your Baby Comes
MP3 - Sleep well and become a calm, relaxed and confident new mother!
Price: $17.95

Baby Stay IN!
SA106 - Baby Stay IN!
MP3 - STOP Pre-Term labor in its tracks with hypnosis!Baby Stay IN gently guides expectant moms into deep hypnosis to calm down pre-term uterine activity, with suggestions for the cervix remaining closed until at least 37 weeks gestation, (or until it is safe for baby to be born). 
Price: $17.95

Birth Partner, Relax & Feel Confident!
SA107 - Birth Partner, Relax & Feel Confident!
MP3 - Who wants a CALM, RELAXED and CONFIDENT Birth Partner??
Price: $17.95

Breastfeeding Success
SA108 - Breastfeeding Success
MP3 - Create a gentle, calm and positive breastfeeding experience for you and your baby! Your Breastfeeding Success hypnosis track is NOT listened to *during a nursing session with your baby*. You can begin listening to this hypnosis track while you're still pregnant in preparation for nursing. Then, after baby comes, you don't listen while nursing, you simply listen once a day, probably at bedtime. This will allow your subconscious to absorb the suggestions for making adequate milk, easy letdown, a relaxed breastfeeding relationship with baby, etc. 
Price: $17.95

Cesarean Birth Preparation 3-track MP3 Set w/PDF
SA109 - Cesarean Birth Preparation 3-track MP3 Set w/PDF
Prepare well and recover more easily! Hypnobabies Cesarean Birth Preparation MP3 Set is a valuable tool for those who are planning a Cesarean birth. C-Section moms can be Hypno-Moms too! You can use our Cesarean Birth Preparation set to feel confident and secure about needing a surgical birth, remaining calm and relaxed during the procedure and use the suggestions on these tracks to recover quickly.
Price: $38.95

Come OUT Baby!
SA110 - Come OUT Baby!
MP3 - Powerful help to begin labor quickly and confidently. Come OUT Baby! is a powerful hypnotic audio track guides you deeply into hypnosis and directs you to relax the muscles all around your baby, to release any fears and concerns that may be holding you back from entering labor, and to let go of any control issues as well.***This track can only be listened to after you are 39 weeks pregnant!***
Price: $17.95

Comfort & Calm for the New Mother 4-track MP3 SET
SA111 - Comfort & Calm for the New Mother 4-track MP3 SET
Our 4 New Mother MPs in a discounted set, to help you feel more relaxed, confident and calm during your first year of motherhood!
Price: $38.95

My Easy Pregnancy 6-Track MP3 SET
SA112 - My Easy Pregnancy 6-Track MP3 SET
Excellent gift for all pregnant moms! 6 MP3s in a discounted set for a much easier, more enjoyable pregnancy!
Price: $38.95


Eliminate Nausea NOW!
SA113 - Eliminate Nausea NOW!
MP3 - Morning (or anytime) Sickness No More!
Price: $17.95

Needles Are OK!
SA114 - Needles Are OK!
MP3 - Powerful hypnosis track to help anyone eliminate the fear of needles. This hypnosis track contains our very effective post-hypnotic cue, that when practiced and used correctly allows the listener to remain calm, relaxed and physically comfortable should a IV or needle of any kind be necessary. During pregnancy, birth or medical testing or other medical procedures.

NOTE: This hypnosis track works wonderfully for everyone, not just pregnant women who have a fear of needles!

Price: $17.95

Peaceful Sleep Now for ALL
SA115 - Peaceful Sleep Now for ALL
MP3 - A safe and pleasant hypnosis session for sleeping well; excellent for the entire family, including children 10 years and older
Price: $17.95

Peaceful Sleep Now for Expectant Mothers
SA116 - Peaceful Sleep Now for Expectant Mothers
MP3 - Expectant moms can enter sleep easily and even use baby's movements to stay asleep! 

Peaceful Sleep Now for Expectant Mothers is very popular with all expectant mothers (not just our Hypnobabies students) since it is a safe and pleasant solution to insomnia. It was purposefully created for expectant moms who want to get a full night's sleep and awake fully refreshed.

This track has wonderful suggestions for going to sleep quickly and easily, and it even has suggestions for getting back to sleep after waking for whatever reason during the night (even baby's movements!).

Price: $17.95

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