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SA103 - Hypno-Doula Training Course

Welcome! Our online Hypno-Doula Training Course was created for doulas and midwives, to provide you with the tools which most effectively support mothers and their partners who are using Hypnobabies (and other birth-hypnosis programs) to prepare for their baby's birth. 

Learning about hypnosis and how it is used to create physical comfort, emotional confidence and eliminate fear is invaluable to all birth professionals who serve Hypnobabies and regular hypnobirthing  families. Hypnobabies' Hypno-Doula Training materials provide you with important skills to birth-assist mothers who are already using childbirth hypnosis so that they can have a much easier childbirth experience using the Hypno-tools and techniques that they've already learned to the maximum benefit. Being a Hypno-Doula is so much easier, and we know you will find it rewarding. We also know that you will be fascinated by your Hypnobabies Doula client’s ability to relax deeply and use their hypnosis cues and techniques to enjoy their babies' births.

Please see our Course Curriculum below for all the valuable subjects covered, and included with your Hypno-Doula Specialty Training Course are 4 pages of Hypnobabies verbal prompts to use with your birthing Hypnobabies moms (to help keep them deeply in hypnosis as they give birth). 

This course also includes your Hypnobabies Doula Affirmations track, a Completion Certificate and a Free Hypno-Doula Listing in our website’s Hypno-Doula Directory. ***These are provided to each Hypno-Doula Trainee (by e-mail) who completes the Hypno-Doula Exam with a 90% correct score.*** Time-frame for course access: You have 1/2 year of online access to this course - 26 weeks from your course start date. You will be able to download and keep your Hypno-Doula handouts and you will be sent additional ones upon course completion with a 90% correct score. In addition, by joining our Facebook Hypno-Doula group, you will receive daily "Training Reminders" of this course's content, so that you can keep your hypno-birth-assistant skills fresh!

PLEASE read full product description before ordering!

Important: After purchase of your Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula Specialty Training Course, you will receive an e-mail with the link to your online Hypno-Doula Course, and your Hypno-Doula Exam as an e-mail attachment. Please allow up to 72 hours after ordering to receive your Hypno-Doula online course links and information. There is a shipping charge for this course since some physical materials will be shipped to you. (International customers, see below for information on customs and brokerage fees.)

Before ordering, please read our Ordering Information page regarding shipping, Home Study Course orders, Alaska and Hawaii orders, international orders and getting your order filled quickly and easily. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SHIP ON WEDNESDAYS OR FRIDAYS, OR ON THE WEEKENDS. 

Price: $89.95 / Each


Hypno-Doula Course Curriculum:

As you know, each birth and each woman is unique, and when you begin to nurture your Hypno-clients through an easier and more comfortable childbirth, everyone will appreciate the time you took to learn these new skills. Your Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula Specialty Training includes:

What childbirth hypnosis is and how it is used during pregnancy, labor and birth
The parts of your mind and what they are used for
The differences between hypnosis and guided imagery
The differences between real somnambulistic hypnosis and deep relaxation
The 3 elements that make Hypnobabies birth so easy and comfortable
Myths and misconceptions about Hypnobabies
Learning your Hypno-Doula client’s hypno-techniques
How a client’s history affects her pregnancy and birth hypnosis experience
How hypnosis affects your client's belief systems, emotions and physiological responses
How a client's dominant sense(s) can interpret her birth experience
The power of encouraging language to impact and influence birth outcomes
The unique challenges and needs of a Hypno-birthing couple
The specific/purposeful and encouraging language used for birth hypnosis
Does Hypnobabies work for everyone?
Why Hypnobabies moms need to Embrace only ONE Belief System
Preparing the mind and body for birth, hypno-style
Hypnobabies materials and how they are used
Eyes-Open Childbirth Hypnosis explained
How Hypnobabies teaches birth empowerment and childbirth education
How to assess your client's hypnotic depth and hypno-anesthesia
Strategies for encouraging your Hypno-Doula clients to practice their hypnosis well and often
Hypnotic Deepening cues and techniques for the Hypnobabies mom
Fear Clearing hypnosis sessions and Physical Comfort cues and techniques
Instant cues for entering hypnosis - invaluable!
Birth ball techniques that help all hypno-moms
Detailed information for midwives attending Hypnobabies births
Helping hospital caregivers at a hypno-birth: reactions and solutions
Facilitating a full Hypnobabies birth rehearsal
Hypno-tools and techniques for all stages of the Birthing Time
Hypnobabies verbal birth prompts for keeping our moms in hypnosis, deeply relaxed and comfortable during birthing waves, in-between waves, beginning to push, and pushing baby out

You also receive SIX detailed, invaluable handouts:
1) Hypnobabies Birthing Rehearsal
2) Power Language for Birth Professionals
3) Serving Hypnobabies Doula Clients Hints and Tips
4) The Birthing Time Materials and Techniques
5) Verbal Birth Prompts
6) Entering Hypnosis with a Special Word Cue Script

Also included is a very special audio track just for *you*! Your "Doula Affirmations" Mp3, which was created just for doulas and midwives; those that attend birth with love and gentleness. Listen to it often and repeat your affirmations, which are one-line statements that affirm positive thoughts, emotions and subsequently, behavior. Your Doula Affirmations allow you to become and remain focused, calm and confident for your doula clients; before, during and after their babies' births.

IMPORTANT: Our Hypno-Doula online course, supplemental materials and our Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula Study Exam do not teach you or legally certify you to become a Hypnobabies Childbirth Instructor, nor do they certify you to teach any other birth hypnosis method. These materials do not legally permit you to train expectant mothers to use childbirth hypnosis, or teach any kind of childbirth class or a Hypnobabies class or course of any kind, or teach Hypnobabies "coaching sessions". ONLY Certified Hypnobabies Instructors are allowed to teach a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Class or Hypnobabies Home Study Advantage Class. As a trained Hypnobabies Hypno-Doula, you are not allowed to advertise or indicate that you are a Hypnobabies Instructor or that you teach a Hypnobabies Class or supplemental class of ANY kind.

For more information on becoming a certified Hypnobabies Instructor, please visit our Instructor Training page. ONLY Certified Hypnobabies Instructors are allowed to teach our Home Study Advantage Class to Hypnobabies Home Study Students to augment their studies!

Marilyn Richard says, ~ "I ordered the Hypno-Doula Training Bundle from Hypnobabies and was so pleased that it contains such excellent resources for me to lend out to my doula clients, and also help my hypno-clients with their hypno-births. I have even ordered more of the Introduction CDs from Hypnobabies to give out to other clients, since my clients who do Hypnobabies have the best, most calm and easy births I've ever seen. When you said that having my doula clients do Hypnobabies would make my job much easier, you meant it! Thanks so much!"

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