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SA123 - VBAC Success 2-MP3 SET
MP3 SET - Our Double-track VBAC Success MP3 Series, which all VBAC mothers can use successfuly (not just Hypnobabies moms). VBAC moms welcome all help to create their next birth exactly as they would love it to be, and these encouraging tracks were designed to assist in a powerful way! • PLEASE READ: you need to download these audio tracks into a computer or a cloud-based service first, such as DropBox or iCloud, etc., and then transfer it into a smaller device since our hypnosis tracks are large files. This is especially the case with Apple products: occasionally when our Hypnobabies audio tracks are downloaded directly into an Apple device, they will only *play* and not actually download and save. This is due to Apple’s proprietary rules and partnerships with third-party software, so downloading into a computer or cloud-based service is necessary. 

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VBAC track 1 - My VBAC Success (MP3): which has many powerful self-hypnosis suggestions to prepare you for an easier more comfortable vaginal birth, for optimal baby positioning, to strengthen your uterus, for avoiding negativity, and to create confidence about your VBAC. This very pleasant daily dose of encouragement will help you to re-frame any fears or concerns while you enjoy the internal training of your VBAC Success track! Knowing that your VBAC birth is possible, your inner mind will then create the personal behaviors and the circumstances that reflect your personal VBAC Birth Visualization's perfect plan!

Track 2 of our VBAC Success MP3 series: In this deeply relaxing VBAC Birth Visualization, you are invited to create positive mental imagery for your successful VBAC birthing…exactly as you desire it to be. You will imagine the onset of your baby's birthing, continue through the dilation phase, and move easily past any challenges from your prior birthing, and you will envision easily birthing your baby into your own arms. 

Your mental VBAC birthing rehearsal instills powerful confidence and a blueprint for success that allows you to fully enjoy your pregnancy with this baby. (See below for comments about these wonderful tracks from moms who have used them.)

VBAC moms comments:

Melissa J: I went to a Hypnobabies class but I bought both of the VBAC tracks for my iPod a few weeks before my birth (VBA2C). I listened to the VBAC tracks every day in addition to the regular Hypnobabies tracks and I know they helped me have faith in my body and know that I could achieve my VBAC. I just had a sense of calm about it and that I could do it. I know the position affirmations I heard over and over in the VBAC tracks played a tremendous part in me being able to have that mindset. My VBAC experience was very very healing for me and I want to do all I can to encourage moms to have faith in their bodies and that they can achieve a vaginal birth!

Katie O: I used the VBAC success tracks and the home study course for my 3rd birth ( my first birth was a vaginal birth and my second was a c section ). I started listening to the VBAC success tracks around 20 weeks, it was wonderful, so reassuring that I will have this experience that I desire. I started using the hypnobabies home study course early around 30-32. Long story short I ended up with an amazing, completely natural VBAC of my almost 10 lb son!!! I wish I had known about and done hypnobabies with the first 2!!! I still get goose bumps about my birth and it was 2 years ago! It was truly an amazing , healing birth experience and I could not have done it without the confidence and calm I gained from hypnobabies!

Allison K: I downloaded both VBAC tracks and I listened to both of them from week 20. I liked getting both because I surprisingly preferred the VBAC visualization track in the beginning, and then focussed on the VBAC success track later on. It was helpful to have both because they worked for me differently at different points of my pregnancy. In the end I had an incredibly powerful and healing VBAC.

Erica G: I listened to the VBAC success tracks in addition to completing the live Hypnobabies course! AMAZING!!! The class itself gives you the tools needed to birth your baby comfortably, peacefully, and easily. The VBAC tracks are separate from the Hypnobabies course, but so important for addressing fears from the cesarean birth and building confidence and trust in your body's ability to birth vaginally the next time. I highly, highly recommend that VBAC Moms use the VBAC tracks.

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Important: You need to download your MP3 files into your computer or a cloud-based service *first* and not directly into a device such as an iPad, smart phone or MP3 player. Our Hypnobabies MP3 track files may too large to download directly into a small device, especially Apple/iOS products which may require a third-party app.

Mp3 track warranty: We warranty that our Hypnobabies Mp3s will download as directed, into a computer (then they can be uploaded into a smaller device). Hypnobabies does not warranty or replace our Mp3 tracks when customers have experienced computer upgrades, computer crashes or have otherwise lost their Hypnobabies audio tracks.

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