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SA118 - Turn Your Breech Baby…YES, You Can!
MP3 - Our deep hypnosis session that assists breech babies to become head down and facing your back for an easier birth! • PLEASE READ: you need to download this audio track into a computer or a cloud-based service first, such as DropBox or iCloud, etc., and then transfer it into a smaller device since our hypnosis tracks are large files. This is especially the case with Apple products: occasionally when our Hypnobabies audio tracks are downloaded directly into an Apple device, they will only *play* and not actually download and save. This is due to Apple’s proprietary rules and partnerships with third-party software, so downloading into a computer or cloud-based service is necessary.  

Make sure to read the Breech Turning success stories from our moms below. Anyone can use this track; not just Hypnobabies moms!

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Turn Your Breech Baby...YES You Can! is a deep hypnosis track that encourages you to relax the muscles and any constriction around your baby, and it contains effective hypnotic suggestions for turning baby to the vertex, (head down) position, if that is the safest way for baby to be positioned. Baby will let you know!

Hypnosis is excellent for turning a breech, since the baby is registered by the inner mind as part of the mother. A study was done at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, by Lewis E. Mehl, MD, PhD Dept. of Psychiatry, entitled "Hypnosis and Conversion of the Breech to the Vertex Presentation". Results: 81% percent of the fetuses in the hypnosis/intervention group converted to vertex presentation compared with 48% of those in the comparison group. This difference was statistically significant.

Conclusions: Motivated subjects can be influenced by a skilled hypnotherapist in such a manner that their fetuses have a higher incidence of conversion from breech to vertex presentation. Psychophysiological factors may influence the breech presentation and may explain this increased frequency of conversion to vertex presentation. (Arch Fam Med. 1994;3:881-887)

Kristin L: Just thought I'd share a happy story with you - my sweet babe has been lying transverse in my belly for months, and the other day I started thinking I needed to get her turned. I'm only 27 weeks pregnant but I have a uterine septum which can increase the changes of a malpositioned baby and make it difficult to turn them later in pregnancy when space gets tight. Plus I was feeling a bit uncomfortable having her wrapped around my sides so much. My belly actually looked funny because it was so wide. I decided to listen to the Turn Your Breech Baby track.

I laid down while my older son was napping, listened to it, and once it was over felt moved to do one short (5 second or so) downward dog stretch and then a few pelvic tilts. Then I got up, looked at my belly, and it was a COMPLETELY different shape - much more round and less wide. I also had more pressure lower in my pelvis and could feel immediately that she had moved. She's now kicking in the center of my body rather than around at my sides. I had a prenatal visit on Saturday and my midwife confirmed that baby is now head-down, with her bottom against my bellybutton, head facing my back. Amazing results after only listening to the Breech track once! :) Hurray and thank you SO much to Kerry and the Hypnobabies team for creating this program. I am SO thankful!

Karlene T: Our third baby was breech and I downloaded the Hypnobabies Turn Your Breech Baby track. I received it on a Saturday. I listened to it on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I had my ultrasound on Monday and she was turned! It worked! Keep up the good work at Hypnobabies!

Monica G: I had an external version scheuled for Wednesday but listened to the Turn Your Breech Baby track twice before my appointment. He turned all by himself! :)

Kaitlyn G: If you have a breech baby - purchase the turn breech baby track! I listened to it 2-3x a day for three days I think? Baby turned head down the day I was scheduled for a version.

Angie H: Yes! I have used this track with multiple pregnancies since my babies were breech. So thankful I did. All babies born in optimal positioning.

Evette R: My baby went transverse at 40 weeks. I listened to the breech track and used acupuncture. He flipped head down in a couple days. 

Raychel P: The external version worked for me at 39 weeks after trying everything else. I listened to the Turn Baby track during it and it was quick and painless. 

Morgan R: I had amazing success with using the turn your breech baby track around 34 weeks with my last baby.

Morgan F: Baby was breech at 34 weeks, I had a three day weekend with lots of bath time, inversions, lying down, and listening to the breech track and by 36 weeks baby was back head down! Not sure if the track did impact the baby although he seemed to move a lot whenI was listening to it, but it was so good for ME! Highly recommend it.

Skylar Z: My little one suddenly went breech at 38 weeks, and flipped back around at 39 weeks - and we then had a wonderful, comfortable Hypnobabies birth a week later. It's definitely possible to get your little one to turn. I tried a few other things and listened to the "Turn breech baby" hypnosis track that was wonderful. I was listening to that track when he finally spun around into the right position!

Katy W: I think my friend is too timid to write in herself, but I had to tell you her wonderful news.  She approached me at 38 1/2 weeks having just found out a few days previous that her baby was breech.  Knowing I'm a Registered Nurse she wanted my advice on what to do.  A year ago I would have hands down said to plan the External Version, but after experiencing Hypnobabies for myself, I recommended the Turn Your Breech Baby track.  She scheduled the E. Version and in the mean time listened to it 3 times over the next few days.  When she arrived at the hospital, they were delighted to find that their little one had turned.  They were able to break her water and the baby arrived a few hours later.  We were so thrilled that they didn't have to go through the E. Version or the C-section!  I've also gifted the Eliminate Nausea track to another friend who is expecting and I'm anxious to hear her review of the track. Thanks again for such wonderful and helpful tools with pregnancy! :)

Gabrielle C: I was admitted for a non emergency c-section because my baby was transverse presentation. I was doing some spinning babies moves to help encourage turning but the dr said to stop to avoid ROM and a cord prolapse. They gave me until 8pm to try and get baby to turn, so I downloaded the turn your breech baby hypnosis track and … my baby flipped! Listened to this one hypnosis track and she flipped!!!!!!

Sarah H: I found out at 34 weeks that my baby was bum down, completely breech. I worked for a full week using inversion exercises suggested by my midwife (which were great), and when nothing seemed to be working, I got this Turn Your Breech Baby track. I listened to it once in the afternoon, and that night baby moved SO MUCH, it felt like she was fighting to change position. By the next morning, something felt very different so we went and had it confirmed by our OB and ultrasound that she was completely head down! I think the exercises I did were needed but that the breech hypnosis track was the key to relaxing the muscles to allow my baby the needed room to fully flip.

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Mp3 track warranty: We warranty that our Hypnobabies Mp3s will download as directed, into a computer or cloud-based service (then they can be uploaded into a smaller device). Hypnobabies does not warranty or replace our Mp3 tracks when customers have experienced computer upgrades, computer crashes or have otherwise lost their Hypnobabies audio tracks.

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