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SA109 - Cesarean Birth Preparation 3-track MP3 Set w/PDF
Prepare well and recover more easily! Hypnobabies Cesarean Birth Preparation MP3 Set is a valuable tool for those who are planning a Cesarean birth. C-Section moms can be Hypno-Moms too! You can use our Cesarean Birth Preparation set to feel confident and secure about needing a surgical birth, remaining calm and relaxed during the procedure and use the suggestions on these tracks to recover quickly. • PLEASE READ: you need to download these audio tracks into a computer or a cloud-based service first, such as DropBox or iCloud, etc., and then transfer it into a smaller device since our hypnosis tracks are large files. This is especially the case with Apple products: occasionally when our Hypnobabies audio tracks are downloaded directly into an Apple device, they will only *play* and not actually download and save. This is due to Apple’s proprietary rules and partnerships with third-party software, so downloading into a computer or cloud-based service is necessary. 

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Hypnosis for an easier surgery of any kind is very successful, since the mind and body..are one! This MP3 set also comes with a PDF - Cesarean MP3 Set Instructions; so please remember to download it as well as your MP3s in the zip file.

Track 1 - Birthing My Baby the Cesarean Way: This deep hypnosis script provides many effective suggestions; for emotionally accepting the decision to have a cesarean birthing, and getting ready for a successful, easy and safe surgery, for feeling confident and recovering easily and quickly. The main "Hypno-Tool" here is the amazingly effective post-hypnotic cue word for instant relaxation, physical comfort and fear clearing that you can use anytime, to automatically feel confident and relaxed about all events, feelings and outcomes relating to your cesarean birthing. Invaluable!

Track 2 - Fear Clearing for a Cesarean Birthing is fear release session specifically regarding the necessity of having a cesarean birth. This hypnosis track gently encourages you to relax deeply, and instantly release any fears and concerns that you may have regarding surgery, your body's response to cesarean birth, your medical caregivers, about bonding with your baby, etc. Very helpful and powerfully comforting.

Track 3 - Visualize Your Cesarean Birth is a mental Cesarean Birth Rehearsal! You will mentally “experience” your preparation time, pre-surgery, cesarean surgery, seeing your baby for the first time and your recovery period, in a state of deep relaxation and gentle hypnosis, which will boost your confidence level, and create your mental "comfort zone" for your baby's beautiful birthing.

Please note: The Cesarean Birth Preparation Set also comes with a PDF that contains your Cesarean Birthing MP3 track listening schedule, information on how our minds work and what hypnosis is, and valuable links on creating a Family-Centered Cesarean birth!

Cesarean mom Kathleen H. wrote: "Due to placenta previa, natural birth was not an option for me. Thanks to my Hypnobabies Cesarean Birthing package and a great clinical team that supported Hypnobabies, I had a wonderful birth experience. It turned out exactly how I visualized it. (No exaggeration.) The cesarean fear clearing track did wonders. I was feeling afraid of the procedure before Hypnobabies, but listening help me erase my fears and be joyful. Thank you Hypnobabies! I still use my bubble of peace and cue word when I need to relax."

Cesarean mom Carolyn M. writes: "I can’t recommend the Hypnobabies cesarean tracks highly enough. I prepared for an unmedicated birth at home the whole way and at the last minute I needed a c section. I did have about 5 days to prepare and it was a life saver for me!"

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Important: You need to download your MP3 files into your computer or a cloud-based service *first* and not directly into a device such as an iPad, smart phone or MP3 player. Our Hypnobabies MP3 track files may too large to download directly into a small device, espcially Apple/iOS products, which may need a third-party app to complete the process.

Please Note: When you order a Hypnobabies MP3 *SET*, your downloads will be delivered by "Zip File". To download an MP3 Set, please click on the link in your order confirmation e-mail that says: "Click here to download the file". Choose "open". Let the files/tracks download for a few minutes and then a "zip box" will open. When you can see each file's name in the list, right-click on each track separately, choose "extract" and a box will open up showing you folders in your computer. Choose a music (or other) folder in your computer that you access regularly and save each of your MP3 files there by clicking on the "unzip" button at the bottom right.

If there is a PDF download included with your MP3 Set order, you may save it in your computer and print it out when you open it, for reference. 

If you have any issues with your download set, please let us know by e-mailing us at Orders@Hypnobabies.com.

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