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SA108 - Breastfeeding Success
MP3 - Create a gentle, calm and positive breastfeeding experience for you and your baby! Always remember that for safety reasons, your Breastfeeding Success hypnosis track is ***NOT listened to during a nursing session with your baby****. You can begin listening to this hypnosis track while you're still pregnant in preparation for nursing. Then, after baby comes, you don't listen while nursing since this is a deep hypnosis track, you simply listen once a day, probably at bedtime or when your baby is napping and you can be in a fully supported, 100% relaxed position; never while driving, walking, running, operating machinery or doing anything which requires your full attention, including caring for children or holding a baby. This will allow your subconscious to absorb the suggestions for making adequate milk, easy letdown, a relaxed breastfeeding relationship with baby, etc. 

• PLEASE READ: you need to download these audio tracks into a computer or a cloud-based service first, such as DropBox or iCloud, etc., and then transfer it into a smaller device since our hypnosis tracks are large files. This is especially the case with Apple products: occasionally when our Hypnobabies audio tracks are downloaded directly into an Apple device, they will only *play* and not actually download and save. This is due to Apple’s proprietary rules and partnerships with third-party software, so downloading into a computer or cloud-based service is necessary. 

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Breastfeeding Success is designed to create a positive breastfeeding experience for you and your baby. It includes affirmations, visualizations and self-hypnosis suggestions for: instant relaxation, an easy letdown reflex, increased milk supply, confident public nursing, nipple soreness relief, easing "after birth contractions" of the uterus, and for helping to alleviate Cesarean incision pain.

Research shows that breastfeeding is best, with excellent and unparalleled health benefits for both your precious baby and yourself. Add that to the treasured bonding experience that you, the nursing mother have with your child, and you have a winning combination!

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Important: You need to download your MP3 files into your computer or a cloud-based service *first* and not directly into a device such as an iPad, smart phone or MP3 player. Our Hypnobabies MP3 track files may too large to download directly into a small device, espcially Apple/iOS products, which may need a third-party app to complete the process.

Mp3 track warranty: We warranty that our Hypnobabies Mp3s will download once, as directed, into a computer (then they can be uploaded into a smaller device). Hypnobabies does not warranty or replace our Mp3 tracks when customers have experienced computer upgrades, computer crashes or have otherwise lost their Hypnobabies audio tracks.

IMPORTANT: always remember for safety reasons,that the Breastfeeding Success track is *not listened to while breastfeeding*. You can listen to it in preparation for nursing, to help it become easier, more relaxed, make more milk, etc., and after baby is born, listening will be done when baby is napping or sleeping at night, or when someone else is caring for your baby.

Glowing reviews from moms:

Michelle G.: I’ve been using the Breastfeeding Success track! It helped a lot in the first few weeks when i was really nervous about my supply not being sufficient and honestly i had so much postpartum anxiety the first 3 weeks it helped to have the track to listen to and remind myself to think positive. I had a lot of help in the beginning so i had time to go upstairs and listen to the track and get a little nap. Amazing what that will do for you in the newborn phase!

Bethany S.: I bought the postpartum package (Comfort and Calm for the New Mother) and loved the tracks so if you’re going to get the breastfeeding one I might get the package. I still use the sleep one a lot and I loved the after baby comes one to rejuvenate a bit during a baby nap time. Specific to the breastfeeding one, I did use that especially when I had a little bit of trouble with breastfeeding and was feeling frustrated and I found it did help my mindset and milk supply.

Cynthia P.: I love the breastfeeding track. It helped me relax when baby was cluster feeding.

Abby B: I immediately began listening to the "Breastfeeding Success" and "After Baby Comes" tracks as soon as we returned home after my baby was born. These tracks helped me stay calm, relaxed, and well rested in those first precious and tiring weeks at home! I definitely didn't sweat the small stuff! Thank you, Hypnobabies!

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